but after exploring my own background more I decided to pursue a life in Seoul, South Korea.

Thank you for reading my little blog. My name is Sara Nilsson, or Moonie Sara if you'd like.

I'm a Chinese Korean who was adopted to a family in Norway close to the age of 2. I grew up in a small Norwegian town and with my love for adventure, I quickly figured out I had to move to somewhere bigger. My first move was to London for my studies at 18 and now... I'm working towards Seoul.

With how much I have been moving in between countries, I have been forced to think about my own consumption and how much I actually need to live. Often having to pack my life into a suitcase or two. This has helped me realise that I don't actually need a lot of the things I thought I did. Because of this, I am trying to and exploring how it is to live minimally and simple. I was also very inspired by our Fast Fashion Campaign made during my graduate year, as well as Candice Tay.

Ever since my high school and university days, I have been a lover of fashion and beauty, which is why I am trying to become a slow fashion consumer. Cooking and baking have always been big parts of my life as well, so I will attempt a zero-waste (or as close to it as I can in my) lifestyle.

Moonie Sara is my attempt at living more consciously both for the environment, but also for myself. This blog will document my journey and show what it's like to move somewhere new. It will show that living minimally and consciously can be both simple and fun. And that it doesn't have to compromise on your adventures and exploration of new places. Because I want to be part of a positive change in consumers.

This is not a blog for me to showcase perfection, because perfection doesn't exist. Please remember that I am not, and might never be 100% zero waste. This is simply my individual journey to trying to make a positive change. 

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