Black Lives Matter: What can you do from home? From another country?

Updated: Apr 6

At the bottom of this post you’ll find a list of petitions to sign, funds and charities to donate to, and resources for educating yourself and those around you. Being at home is no excuse, as there is still plenty of things you can do to help

The model minority myth is used to silence Asians around the world, by saying we’re too “quiet” and “docile” to stand up against injustice. But believing that is everyone’s first mistake, whether you’re asian or not.


- If you choose to be silent about the injustice and the violent racist attacks the black community is facing, you’re part of the problem.

- The use of racial slurs by different POC [people of colour] needs to stop and be called out. Just because you are Asian, a POC, does not mean you can use racial slurs like the n-word. You wouldn’t like someone else calling you the c-word etc. It needs to stop.

- If you want to stand up against racism, you have to stand up against racist comments made by your own. Anti-blackness is a serious issue within the different Asian communities.

- Black lives matter, and if you cannot say that out loud, you’re part of the problem.

DO NOT give in to racism, just because you’ve been at the receiving end.


It’s simple; sign a petition, donate, share links and educate people outside of just your social media. Going to protests is not for everyone, and that’s okay. There’s still plenty you can do. But if protests are for you, then do research on when something happens near you. And make sure you stay safe while doing so. Wear your mask and non-recognisable clothes (clothes that "only" you own etc.)

If you know of extra petitions and so on, comment down below or contact me on instagram for me to add it to the list @mooniesara


Justice for George Floyd

Justice for George Floyd 2

George Floyd Amnesty

Justice for Ahmaud Arbery

Justice for Belly Mujinga

Stand with Bre

Raise the degree

Get the officers charged

Pass Georgia hate crime bill

Regis Korchinski

Tony McDade

Hands Up Act


“FLOYD” to 55156 to sign petition

“JUSTICE” to 668366 to sign petition

Call for George Floyd:

Call for Ahmaud Abery

Call for Bre


Black Lives Matter

The Bail Project

Stand Up To Racism in the UK




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