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Updated: Apr 6

One of the first things I wanted to do was to share how much a jacket could do for your outfit. Which is why this blogpost will be all about it. I will show off two simple outfits, but with three different jackets. Successfully turning 2 outfits into 6 different ones fit for spring.

I recently learned about capsule wardrobe items, the essential items in your wardrobe that you can build your outfits around. This is one of the tips on how to consume less clothing articles, as you create more than one outfit out of the same items. So here, I wanted to show how much an outfit can change with the help of a jacket;

◌ Yellow suede leather jacket

◌ Beige oversized coat

◌ Faux black leather jacket

I love a good leather jacket and keep in mind that they are made from faux leather. This means that no animal was harmed during the production of the jackets, although the downside is that it is not the kindest to the environment. Which is why, with leather jackets, you often have to decide whether you prioritise the animal side of it or the chemical side of it. Even though both of them are bad, I believe that faux leather is the lesser evil with the way things are done now. But for future purchases, proper research about the brand is important when considering where to purchase a leather jacket.

But, back to the point of style. I really enjoy both the classic black one, but also the newer trend of bright coloured jackets. This is to really make the jacket an accessory itself. I was originally looking for a red or blue one, but I'm very happy with the yellow colour. (And no, colourful leather jackets have not been removed from my future wish list). I think a good leather jacket can make an outfit both more formal, but also more relaxed depending on what you wear underneath.

The second type of jacket I own is a coat. I recently got a big love for boxy oversized coats, and the creamy one I own (even if it's a little shorter than I wished for) fits great with the current weather. The coat itself is not very warm, so on colder days make sure you layer up underneath. But when the sun is out and shining it'll still look good with a spring like outfit underneath.


My first outfit includes simple high waisted black jeans, along with a bright blue flowery top. When I first bought the top it had shoulder-less puffy sleeves attached to it, but due to how tight it wrapped around my arms I decided to simply cut them off. Successfully turning the top into a sleeveless crop top. I also decided to pair the outfit with black high heeled boots and a black belt to accentuate the waist.

The belt follows along to the second outfit, for the same reasons. Especially due to the white pants being the oversized type. To go with the loose fit of the jeans, I went for a tight turtleneck sweater in a warm brown colour, along with all white HOKA shoes.

Oh! And by the way, please ignore the white bag of clothes I have yet to donate! I'm still working on how to do this while being my own photographer ;)

Please stay healthy and well! And I'll see you all soon!

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