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Updated: Apr 6

During these times there's always room for pampering yourself, and it's a great way for you to get a little down time away from your computer screen so you can rest your eyes. Using the products that I already own, I can still go through a lot of the spa care steps on my own, but remember not to overdo some of the steps at it can leave your skin worse off than when you started.

So, for your pampering days, this is the order of how I personally do it to keep my skin at peace;

A full run through of these steps should only be done once a week, but the individual parts can be done more frequently.

◌ Cleansing

◌ Steaming

◌ Hair treatment

◌ Blackhead/Whitehead removal

◌ Exfoliating

◌ Toning & Hydrating


The first thing to do is to use your cleanser of choice to make your skin ready for the process that's about to happen. Make sure your skin is clean and clear of makeup and dirt from your sleep. One of the tips I can give from my own experience is to use a water based cleanser with (preferably) no perfume/soap added. You want to keep it as light as possible for your skin. Especially since this is a step that can/should be done twice a day.


This is one of those steps that you should not overdo. Steaming once a week is more than enough for your skin, and over-steaming could lead to extra outbreaks and dry skin. The process is here to open up your pores before the rest of the steps.

First of all, grab a bowl and fill it with boiling water. Make sure you leave it to cool down for a bit before you start to steam your face. We want to make sure we can breathe while doing this ;)

After that, bring a towel with you. One that's big enough to cover your head and face while you lean over the bowl. Feel free to add essential oils to your water, but this is not a must! Then relax and steam for 10-15 minutes, and remember to breathe! x

Hair treatment

For my hair, I am using organic raw virgin coconut oil. You can put this straight onto your hair, but personally I prefer to heat up the oil a little bit beforehand. This makes it easier for me to apply it. And don't be shy with using too much! It'll leave your hair so smooth, even if it's a little dead from bleaching it earlier (guilty). It also helps hydrating your scalp.

The reason why this step is so early, is because the longer it's in the better! If you want to keep it in your hair overnight feel free to do so. I usually do this routine in the morning, and wash out the oil after dinner time.

This is also one of those steps I only do once a week, as overdoing this can lead to a buildup of oil both in your hair and on your scalp.

Blackhead/Whitehead removal

Grab your blackhead/whitehead nose strip or face mask and follow instructions from your own product. And a little tip! After you've removed the strip, grab a tweezer (make sure it's cleaned well!) and drag the side you usually hold against your nose to squeeze out any remaining blackheads/whiteheads. You can also use your own fingers and nails, but make sure they are also properly cleaned before you do this.


When it comes to exfoliating, I am currently using Body Shop's "Chinese Ginseng & Rice" mask. This is due to the ingredients helping me with uneven skin and old acne scars. The exfoliating mask itself is very creamy and smooth, and instantly makes me feel relaxed from the cool feeling of it. I recommend doing this 2-3 times a week.

Body shop is also a 100% vegetarian and cruelty free!

Toning & Hydrating

This part is also with the help of body shop. Where I use the same "flavour" for my toner as with my exfoliator, because I'm struggling with old acne scars. It also helps to brighten/smoothen my skin.

Lastly, I put on a hydrating facemask. Again, make sure you follow the steps in accordance with the mask you have, as the instructions vary a lot from product to product. There will also be a lot of liquid remaining in the package after taking out the sheet mask, so remember to squeeze out what's left as well.

My tip to you, is to gently circle in the remaining liquid from the mask after you've removed it.

And there you go! That's my once a week spa day treatment from home. Let me know what some of your must do steps for your own skincare routine is x

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