New Moon

Updated: Apr 6

Hi everyone, I just finished of a university project revolving fast fashion and it made me realise how bad our fashion consumption really is. I've also been following some slow fashion and ethical bloggers like Candice Tay lately, and they inspired me to begin the journey of consuming less, and to consume smarter. So, like a new moon. I want to start this blog from scratch.

My track record of sticking to one theme hasn't been the best so far with all my different projects going around, but I figured this could be a journal of my journey to become more ethical with my purchases. I'm also forced to think about it with how many times I've moved over the last years. I've been three years in London and I've managed to live in three different homes. Forcing myself to pack my whole life into one or two suitcases. And I don't think me moving around is going to end right away.

So, what I'm hoping to do here is share parts of my journey in the things I'm trying to do better.

I'll see you all soon

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